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Susec canyon is a natural waterpark on the rocks.

Technically, this is one of the easiest and most enjoyable canyoning trips in Slovenia. 
Take an easy walk (about 20 min.) to the top of the canyon and then get ready for the adventure. Be a child again and enjoy jumping, sliding, and swimming through crystal clear creek of the canyon! The rocks are completely smooth so you can slide down. Take part on this 3-hour adventure in Susec canyon with our professional guides!

Before the canyoning trip, there is a safety talk which includes your guide explaining how to move on the wet rocks, and what is the right position when you jump or slide.

"Safety First, Fun EVERY Second!"

Recommended for: Families, individuals, colleagues
What’s Included:

Personal equipment (neoprene clothes, jacket, and boots)
Safety equipment: harnes, helmet, PFD (life vest)
Professional guides

What to bring: Swimsuit, towel, small bag, money for video and souvenirs, suncream,
Croakies for glasses (head strap) We sell for 5 EUR
Requirements: Confident with heights
Minimum age:  10
​Max size: 58
Duration: 3,5 hours including transport and changing time. 1 1/2 hours on river.
Start: 8:30, 13:00
Photo & Video Service: Rent a gopro helmet camera: 20 EUR/trip
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Inquire Booking

PDF Facts

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Canyoning trip infos:

We will meet about 5-10 minutes before our departure at our base. Address: Industrijska cona 4, Bovec

Your guide will give you your personal equipment needed for the trip including: neoprene clothes, jacket, boots and safety equipment: harness, helmet and PFD (Personal Flotation Device). After we have changed and you are ready for the trip, you can store your dry clothes and personal belongings in your car or in one of our provided lockers at the base. After you have found a suitable place to store your belongings we will take you to begin your adventure.

Take an easy walk (about 20 min.) to the top of the canyon and then we will begin the safety talk. Please pay attention!  Every detail could be important during the trip and will make your experience safer and more enjoyable. Your guide will then check the equipment given to make sure it fits properly and is in working order, and then you will be ready to plunge into the creek to begin your canyoning trip!

The trip starts with a first few slides and jumps that are a warm up for the bigger ones to come further into the trip. Don't worry! If you have any fear throughout the trip inform your guide and we can escort you through an easier experience to conquer that fear. However, if you have a strong fear of heights we advise you to choose one of our other adventure trips that we offer, such as rafting and kayaking.  

Our buses and vans will be waiting for you at the parking lot, where we will transport you back to the base to where you can change back into your dry clothing and reminisce about the trip. Please, give back all the equipment provided to you by our guides! When we have collected all the equipment from you the trip will be finished. 

If you were picked up at the office in the center of town and driven to our base by one of our shuttle drivers, please wait after the trip and will we drop you back off in the center of Bovec.  

Visit our webshop 1 or 2 days after your trip, so you can see all the pictures taken on your trip and keep all the memories made on your adventure. 

Thank you for visiting us and we are happy you chose Fröccs to experience your adventure here in Bovec. 

Office address:
Trg golobarskih žrtev 38 5230 Bovec, Slovenia (the opposite side of the Tourist Info Center, on the main square of Bovec. Left hand side in the Rombon apartment house)​

Base address:
Industrijska cona 4, 5230 Bovec, Slovenia (2 minutes from Bovec, on the riverside of Soca)
GPS: 46.338139 N, 13.563388 E
It is easier to park with your car!

  • Professional guides
  • 1,5 hour in the canyon
  • All equipment included
  • Transportation included
  • Photo page
  • Helmet camera available


  1. Bovec iroda (találkozó hely)
  2. Bázisunk (felszerelés kiosztása)
  3. Susec kanyon