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Easy or intermediate whitewater kayak trip:

The half day inflatable kayak trip is ideal for people who desire a more challenge experience compared to rafting and the opportunity to be the captain of your own whitewater craft. Due to its design, it is much more stable on the water than the traditional plastic kayak. However, it does not require any paddling skills but you have to be fit and physically capable to paddle. Our guides will teach you everything you need to know to be able to manage your own boat! The Guppy is a one-person kayak designed to provide the most fun for beginners and experienced paddlers on whitewater day trips. The Ducky is a longer double version that is ideal for larger individuals or as a tandem two person adventure.

By the end of the trip there is a good chance be addicted to whitewater kayaking :-)

On the half day kayak trip, we go down on one of the most popular sections of the Soca River. You can choose between a beginner (Class I-II) and intermediate (Class II-III) section.
Attention! The intermediate trip is not recommended for people who have never tried whitewater rafting, have no paddling skills or boating experience. We recommend choosing the beginner class for your first adventure and then our guides will help you advance your new skills to the next level on our intermediate adventure!

Our kayak trips are guided by an instructor who will let you know everything about the river, safety, and paddling technics.
Animated tutorials about kayak paddling

The first part of the river is easier, where you can practice what you have learned. The second part is longer and more fun. The river goes through a nice, open gorge with big rocks, waves and rapids (Class II-III). We can guarantee no one will get out dry. During the trip we will stop to refresh ourselves and you have a chance to jump from smaller and bigger rocks or if you are feeling adventurous you can try swimming down on an easy rapid.

"Safety First, Fun EVERY Second!"  

Recommended for: Families, individuals, colleagues
What’s Included:

Personal equipment (neoprene clothes, jacket, and boots)
Professional guides
Medium difficult rapid Class II-III
8-10 km on the river (depend on the water level)

What to bring: Swimsuit, towel, small bag, money for video and souvenirs, suncream,
Croakies for glasses (head strap) We sell for 5 EUR
Requirements: Swimming ability required
Minimum age:  14
​Max size: 58
Duration: 3,5 hours including transport and changing time. 1 1/2 hours on river.
Start: Weekdays: 9:00, 14:00
Weekend: 8:30, 14:00
Photo & Video Service: Rent a gopro helmet camera: 20 EUR/trip
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PDF Facts

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Inflatable Kayak Trip Infos:

We will meet about 5-10 min. before departure at our base which is located 2 minutes from the center of Bovec. Address: Industrijska cona 4, Bovec 5230, Slovenia. GPS: 46.338139 N, 13.563388 E

Your guide will give you your personal equipment: neoprene clothes, jacket, and boots. After we have changed and you are ready for the trip, you can store your dry clothes and personal belongings in your car or in one of our provided lockers at the base. After you have found a suitable place to store your belongings we will take you to begin your adventure.

When you arrive to the river, you will be given a paddle, helmet and PFD (Personal Flotation Device). After the guides have pumped up the boat, the safety talk and kayak instruction will begin. Please pay attention!  Every detail could be important during the trip and will help you have a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Your guide will then check all the equipment to make sure it fits properly and is in functional condition. Then you will be ready to enjoy being the captain of your own vessel. The first section of the river is where you will get to practice what you learned during the safety talk and instruction. For example, how to maneuver the kayak, how to catch "eddies", the procedure if your kayak hits a rock or capsizes, and finally how to self rescue On the second more challenging section of the river is when you get to demonstrate the skills you have learned and put them to the test! You will work harder and become completely immersed in your adventure making it an unforgettable trip. We promise that when the first wave hits your kayak, you will forget your daily routine and problems. During the trip you can jump from smaller and bigger rocks into the crystal clear water, or if your are feeling adventurous you can swim down on an easy rapid.

Our buses and vans will be waiting for you at the take out destination, this will be where we return your helmets and pfds and then we will transport you back to the base. Please, give back all the equipment provided to you be our guides!

At the base you can change back into your dry clothing and reminisce about the trip. Please, give back all the equipment provided to you by our guides! When we have collected all the equipment from you the trip will be finished. 

If you were picked up at the office in the center of town and driven to our base by one of our shuttle drivers, please wait after the trip and will we drop you back off in the center of Bovec.  

Visit our webshop 1 or 2 days after your trip, so you can see all the pictures taken on your trip and keep all the memories made on your adventure.

Office address:
Trg golobarskih žrtev 38 5230 Bovec, Slovenia (the opposite side of the Tourist Info Center, on the main square of Bovec. Left hand side in the Rombon apartment house)​

Base address:
Industrijska cona 4, Bovec 5230, Slovenia (GPS: 46.338139 N, 13.563388 E)
It is easier to park with your car!
Recommended meeting point!


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